Taylors High School – Expect the best

At Taylors High School, we bring out the best in every student. Good students flourish, shy students gain confidence and star students excel.

A prestigious modern college in the heart of Sydney, Taylors High School is multicultural and specially designed for Year 10, 11 and 12 students who want to go far in life. In 2015, the majority of Year 12 students were offered a place at a tertiary institution and you’ll find our alumni at some of the world’s top universities and business schools.

Each student graduates with a Higher School Certificate (HSC) —an internationally recognised qualification that opens doors to leading universities and employers across the globe — and an individually-tailored career development program, whether they want to be a doctor, CEO or entrepreneur.

As well as providing a first-class academic experience and well-equipped facilities, we teach learning skills so our students can excel at study, exams and in class. Small classes, one-on-one tutorials and a focus on independent thinking create a mature learning environment so students transition easily to university. Our campus also offers plenty of enrichment and well-being activities to develop leadership, teamwork and other qualities that lead to success.

Most of all, we create a welcoming, multicultural community where everyone is supported, valued and nurtured. Our students form lifetime friendships that not only make high school a great experience but provide an invaluable global network when they leave.

We would love to welcome you and give you a tour of our campus. To book a tour, either call us on (02) 8303 9700 or send us an email enquiries@taylorscollege.edu.au.

School Overview

Name: Taylors High School
: 965 Bourke St, Waterloo NSW 2017
Phone: (02) 8303 9700
Type: Co-educational
Boarding: Day school only

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