Kindalin Exclusive Preschool Program – Preparing them for a lifetime of growing & learning

Kindalin’s Preschool Program takes a holistic approach to prepare preschool children for primary school.

The Preschool Program bridges the gap between preschool or kindergarten and primary school, engaging and challenging children while helping them become more confident and independent in a social learning environment.

The Kindalin Curriculum uses Project work that reflects The Kindalin Five Key Learning Areas – Literacy and Language, The Arts, Social Awareness, Mathematics and Scientific Thinking. We have also developed several initiatives such as The Kindalin Reading Challenge.

Kindalin’s Reading challenge is an integral part of The Kindalin Preschool Program and is a key support in furthering the connection between home and Kindalin.

Projects within the Kindalin Preschool Program help children understand the world around them by allowing a guided approach to in depth studies of real world topics. Projects are instigated by the child’s own interests, an approach that is highly motivating for children as it put them in control of their own learning.

We focus on exploratory, investigative learning, project investigations and allowing the children’s own interests to guide the learning experiences. A day at Kindalin includes a combination of active and quiet times, opportunities for group and independent learning, adult supported and child initiated exploration, with time spent both in and outdoors.

The Kindalin network is built upon a depth of experience and refined knowledge over 25 years. Our shared learnings benefit the Kindalin team members and our families, across all locations.

Kindalin centres are located mainly in the Hills District of Sydney (Cherrybrook, Castle Hill, Glenhaven, Kellyville, Kellyville Ridge, West Pennant Hills) and in Frenchs Forest.

Kindalin Frenchs Forest has recently expanded with a new learning space specifically for the Kindalin Preschool Program. This new learning space is filled with inviting new areas for the children to explore, discover and investigate with their friends.

For further information, please visit or phone 1300 881 401.

School Overview

Name: Kindalin – Early Childhood Learning Centres
Address: Various locations across Sydney
Phone: 1300 881 401
Type: Early learning centre

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